18 July 2011

An intermediate stop

After consulting my flight plans I noticed that I had a three hour layover in Denver before departing for Honolulu.  Not thinking the chances very likely, I approved the airline counter and volunteered myself for a delayed flight (and four $100 vouchers) if I could still make my connecting flight; another passenger on the flight to Honolulu did likewise.  The airline couldn't work it out so we both happily boarded the plane.  And there remained.

We landed in the Mile High City earlier than scheduled and had to wait for the gate to be prepared for us.  Once we exited the aircraft I found a horde of people all generally milling about in the middle of the obvious walkway.  It didn't help that a Starbucks happened to be in the middle in the gate waiting area.

After walking through some sixty gates I finally found the gate I would need to board the flight to Honolulu, but because it was crowded I continued on my way looking for a quiet place to have a bite to eat.  At the very end of the terminal I found one, ate a little pizza and returned to the gate I will soon need and found it quiet where I am at this moment.

I'm sure if you like large crowds of people who don't quite seem to know their way around an airport, Denver International Airport is the place for you.  It isn't, though, the place for me.

On my next return to the Aloha State, I think I'll fly through Dallas/Fort Worth again; if memory serves, that airport isn't too bad.  Besides, Dr Pepper is readily available in its terminals.

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