07 July 2011

Catching up

One of the principle joys of summer is the additional time that can be used catching up on reading that has until now sat in stacks of books, papers and journals to be read.  Bishop Paprocki and I have both been taking advantage of some down time (while we have it).

A few moments ago he brought into my office a few things he thought might interest me.  Among them, and first among them, was a clipping of an article from December's issue of The Catholic World Report concerning the attempted assassination of His Eminence Gabriel Zubeir Cardinal Wago of Khartoum.  At the time, I wondered - mostly in jest - if I should take a self-defense class prior to assuming my duties as the Master of Ceremonies.

As he handed the paper to me, Bishop Paprocki said, with a smile, "Maybe you should add this to your job description."

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