12 July 2011

SJ-R: Catholic Charities wins foster-care injuction against state

From the State Journal-Register, with my emphases and comments:
Catholic Charities won a preliminary injunction Tuesday preventing the state from canceling foster care contracts it has with the agencies.

Sangamon County Judge John Schmidt said he was returning the situation to what it was on June 30, before the Department of Children and Family Services terminated contracts it held with Catholic Charities in Springfield, Joliet and Peoria.

“I’m putting a freeze on this case until we can (argue) the issues,” Schmidt said. “We’re not going to be removing children from homes.” [the judge has a heart]

DCFS terminated the contracts because it said Catholic Charities made it clear they would not comply with state law and place foster children in homes of couples who entered civil unions [I'm glad the SJ-R is reporting a little more accurately now].

Catholic Charities said it is a matter of religious principle and that it does not place children in the homes of any unmarried couples.

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