09 July 2011

Blessed Marianne honored with kahili

Not too long ago a relic of Blessed Marianne Cope, who ministered with Saint Damien among the lepers on Moloka'i, enshrined in Honolulu in the Cathedral of Our Lady of Peace and placed between two kahili.

Now two kahili have been placed at her final resting place in Syracuse, New York.  YNN has the story, brief as it is:
SYRACUSE, N.Y. -- Sisters of St. Francis from all over the globe came to Syracuse to honor one of their own, Blessed Mother Marianne Cope.

The Catholic nun served in Utica and Rome more than a hundred years ago. She also aided in the effort to care for victims of leprosy in Hawaii. She was beatified in 2005.

Thursday, sisters from Hawaii joined local sisters to honor Cope with Kahilis, which are standards of royalty made with ten thousand feathers, each representing a prayer for the beholder.

Sisters say honoring Cope not only keeps her memory alive, but inspires others to follow in her footsteps.

"For us, all of us, the sisters as well as our friends here in Central New York, it is to know that we can also do something purposeful with our lives," Sister Patricia Burkard said.

Followers are still waiting on a decision by the Vatican to determine if Cope will become a saint.
Let us pray for her canonization:
Lord Jesus, You gave us Your commandment of love of God and of neighbor, and identified Yourself in a special way with the most needy of Your people; hear our prayer. Faithful to Your teaching, Mother Marianne Cope loved and served her neighbor, especially the most desolate outcast, giving herself generously and heroically for the victims of leprosy. She alleviated their physical and spiritual sufferings, thus helping them to accept their afflictions with resignation, as a pledge of God’s love and their eternal happiness. Through her merits and intercession, grant us the favor which we confidently ask of You (mention request) so that the People of God, following the inspiration of her life and apostolate, may practice fraternal charity, according to Your word and example. Amen.

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