12 July 2011

Stop forwarding that crap to me!

Fortunately, I don't get very many e-mail forwards anymore, not since many years ago when I started replying to those silly things.

Someone sent me a mass e-mail falsely reporting on Dr Pepper's atheism. After less than 20 seconds of research I found evidence quite to the contrary and used the nice "reply to all" button to correct the false report. I - perhaps somewhat snarkily - invited the sender and the receivers to follow the link and not to forward such things without first verifying their accuracy.

After that little episode, I did the same with similar fowards and now I am happy to say I receive almost no such e-mails. I highly recommend the method.

At any rate, what prompted this brief little post is a post at The Deacon's Bench last week; Deacon Kandra recently posted a great song by Al Yankovic titled, "Stop forwarding that crap to me":

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