21 July 2011

A few observations

Now that I have been back on the island of Oahu for two full days, I can offer a few observations that have come to mind.  I'll group my observations in two batches, first of Hawaii in general and second of me in Hawaii.

In regards to Hawaii and her people, I have noticed that
  1. fanny packs are apparently somewhat still in fashion here whereas they have gone the way of the dodo in most other places.  (Indicentally, have you ever noticed that fanny packs are never worn on the fanny?);
  2. the amount of traffic has increased dramatically since I was last here in February of 2010;
  3. skateboarding seems to be growing here in popularity; and
  4. having the sun set at 7:15 p.m. seems quite early, especially when it is dark by 8:00 p.m.
In regards to my being back in Hawaii, I have noticed that have now seemingly adjusted well to the Hawaiian lifestyle.  I know this for two reasons:
  1. when the sun sets I find myself reaching for a sweatshirt even though the temperature remains between 75 and 80 degrees (this isn't the first time this has happened here); and
  2. I find myself driving about five miles under the speed limit, whereas back home I often drive about five miles over the speed limit.
Those are a few observations that have occurred to me; I offer them to you for what they're worth.

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