11 January 2011

Toy store memories

This morning I sat down to shred a few documents I no longer have need of, including a stack of pay stubs from K B Toys, where I worked through high school and college.

I first worked there as a Parental Video Game Advisor with the sole task of talking with parents about what games and systems to purchase for their children and other intended recipients. It was awesome! Because of the job, I had to play the different games to know which ones were good and which ones were simply lame.

That position lasted but one Christmas season and the manager hired me one as a Sales Associate.

Those were fun days and I have many fond memories of my time in the story, most especially of the people with whom I worked.

In the stack of pay stubs, I found my final Performance Appraisal. In the store manager's comments, Vicky wrote:

Daren is resigning within a few weeks to further his education at seminary outside the area. He has been a great asset to our store and always pleasant to work with. We wish him well in his future studies and regret that he cannot continue on staff. We thank him for all his past efforts and hope he's enjoyed his experiences here as much as we've enjoyed having him as part of our team.
Thanks, Vicky! Those were fun days and I have very much enjoyed them. From time to time I even miss my toy store days. Except for the days after Thanksgiving and Christmas.

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