18 January 2011

A good weekend

I had the great pleasure of spending the last three days on Great River Teens Encounter Christ #270 with a faithful team and eager candidates.

It was a wonderul experience of God's grace in the lives of his young people and has filled my heart with much joy and gratitude.

Thinking back on the weekend I cannot but recall the words of Pope Benedict XVI: "The Church is alive. And the Church is young."

At one point during the retreat I had the opportunity to speak with the young men and women about vocations and the call that the Lord has for each of them. Sr. M. Consolata, FSGM, also spoke with the youth.

As we spoke to them, I was struck by the attentiveness of the young people as we spoke and their visibile desire to listen to our words.

May the Lord bless these young people and draw them ever closer to himself!

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