19 January 2011

Early morning awkwardness

Have you ever sat in a chair in which you felt you just didn't fit? Either the chair was too short or too high, too narrow or too wide, too deep or too shallow.

I had that experience at Mass this morning. I'm not sure I fit in the chair from which the priest presides in the Cathedral. The chair is either too deep or too high for me (or maybe even both). If I sit in it with my feet planted on the floor, I can't reach the back of the chair. If I throw myself to the back of the chair - it is deep - I can't keep my feet on the floor.

It's hard to sit with a sense of decorum and dignity in a chair in which you just don't seem to fit.

I think sometime tomorrow I'll have to spend some time figuring out how to sit in the chair. I'd do it today, but the Eucharist is being adored in the Cathedral today and me trying to fit into a chair on the side would just be goofy.


  1. Maybe a pillow in the back of the chair will help. Or lifts in your shoes (ha, ha, ha).

  2. Sitting there this morning, all I could think was, "I need a pillow..."

  3. I'm sorry Father, but all I could picture while reading this was Lily Tomlin. But I needed the laugh. Thanks Father.

  4. Perhaps sitting in that chair in which you don't quite fit is a good reminder of the daily challenge your vocation calls you to, and the role God plays in your life, increasing you where you lack... or perhaps it was merely an unfortunate furniture purchase.