30 January 2011

Decisions, decisions

I am happy to see Father Valencheck continue his comic series over at Adam's Ale. His current post reminds me of the situation at the Cathedral last evening.

The Pastor of the Cathedral and I invited a neighboring Pastor and seminarian over for dinner, but found that we were lacking in staples and so decided to go out to eat. Before heading out we sat around for a bit catching up and trying to decide where to go.

The best decision would could come to was not to do Chinese (that was my contribution).

Finding ourselves at a standstill with none of us wanting to make the decision we decided to call another Pastor and ask him where we should eat. Unfortunately, he was unable to join us or give us a decision.

At long last we settled on a restuarant just a few blocks away and set out on foot. A good meal was had by all.

1 comment:

  1. The comic sounds a lot like the conversations at seminary when deciding where to eat. No one wants to make a decision, so 15-20 minutes would pass before someone would get brave enough to make a suggestion. At that point, everyone would agree (most of the time) and that's where we'd end up.