29 January 2011

The example of a saint, for my former students

While doing a bit of research for a homily for the coming celebration of Catholic Schools' Week - which begins this year on the memorial of Saint John Bosco, the patron of youth - I stumbled upon this helpful site with quotes from the "teacher and father to the young" (Collect of the day).

The Lord gives us the Saints as our friends and examples, so that in looking to them we might follow Christ all the more faithfully. Sometimes we choose saints and place ourselves under their patronage, and sometimes they choose us. The latter was the case with me and Don Bosco.

His example provided a great inspiration to me when I served as Parochial Vicar in Effingham while I taught at the high school and worked with the sports teams. Without his guidance, my ministry would have borne far less fruit; through his writings he taught me to be a loving father to those who were my spiritual sons. After I first encountered him through his writings, my ministry began to rise to new heights.

Browsing the quotes at the above site, I found this quote, the words of which I make my own:

Tell the boys that I shall be waiting for them all in Paradise.
May the Lord bring us all together again in his presence and, if it be his will, sooner.

Please, take a few moments and browse his words; learn from him as I have done.

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