26 January 2011

Mr. Science Teacher

I have great admiration for parents who desire to teach their children at home and I am to count many home schooling parents among my friends. Their dedication to their children and their desire to instill the faith of the Church in them is commendable and inspiring. It is, truly, a labor of love.

Sometimes I hear from parents about the struggles of teaching science to their children and today I am happy to say that I may have a solution to this struggle: Mr. Science Teacher.

Known in real life as Matthew Poston, Mr. Science Teacher is offering online classes in physics and chemistry for the 2011-2012 academic year.

Because he is a friend of mine, I can vouch for the excellent qualities of Mr. Poston. He is a favorite teacher where he teaches, because of his good humor, his teaching capabilities, and his genuine concern for his students.

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