14 February 2015

Tourists, a path to holiness

As the number of tourist groups continues to increase in the city of Rome - clogging up streets, sidewalks, and doorways until everyone in the group takes a digital picture of the exact same thing (why can't the pictures just be sent around?) - I can't help but recall a piece of Venetian graffiti photographed last spring by a friend visiting Venice:

Though I certainly do not condone the shooting of tourists and would quickly condemn such an action if it occurred, I do frequently wish I had someone like Fezzik with me:

As humorous as I find the above sentiment expressed in the grafitti, I need to continually remind myself of the below words as I try to make my way through the streets and alleyways to attend to my various errands (particularly on Sundays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays):

Remembering this would be much easier if the tourists would pay some attention to the fact that other people also exist.

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