03 February 2015

Half-way there

Having taken this morning - and passed - my only exam (in the jurisdictional relationship between the Church and civil society) for the first semester and having completed and submitted this afternoon my final paper for another class (in methodology), I have not only completed the first semester of the second year of my studies in canon law, but I am now halfway through my time at the Pontifical Gregorian University.

With the first semester now finished, I am free until the 16th of February when the second semester begins. Regrettably, the forecast for Rome predicts another four or five days of Rome, on top of the several days of rain - at least thick, low clouds - we have had the past several days. I think, while the rain persists, this may be a good opportunity to re-read The Lord of the Rings.

I may take advantage of a few of the days to travel within Italy, perhaps back to Assisi or to Manoppello or even to Milan to see an exhibit of Tolkien-themed art. Another priest of the Diocese of Springfield in Illinois arrives next week for a visit, so I have no plans to travel too far.

The last year and a half has gone by, I am happy to say, somewhat quickly. Still, I shall be very glad when the next year a half has passed and I am back home.

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