24 February 2015

New record high temperature at Honolulu airport: 86ºF

A new record high temperature was set yesterday in the happiest place on earth (Walt Disney was wrong):
Hot and muggy weather is expected to continue Tuesday, although temperatures may not reach Monday's record-setting high, National Weather Service forecasters said.

Light winds helped temperatures at the Honolulu Airport rise to 86 degrees Monday, breaking the old record for the date of 85 set in 1996. Lihue Airport also tied a high temperature record of 83 degrees set in 1980.
The Hawaiians are certainly bemoaning the "heat" to each other, as I've heard them do frequently. Despite their insistence, they've never received much sympathy from me. In fact, I've told rather plainly that they don't know what heat is. Frankly, it sounds quite pleasant to me.

You might recall that Hawaii also set a new record low temperature just last month when stores sold out of space heaters:
The unusually cold weather over the last two days continued to break records in Hawaii, including a record for this date that goes back over 122 years in Honolulu.

The National Weather Service said Monday morning's low temperature of 57 degrees beat the low temperature for this date  of 60 degrees of temperatures recorded at the Honolulu Airport.
While I do not sympathize with the Hawaiians when they complain of heat, I certainly do sympathize with them about the cold. It's really quite amazing how chilly 74 degrees can feel after a day in the warm sun (I'm quite serious about that).

Just from these record high and low temperatures you can see why Saint Damien of Molokai wrote in a letter to his brother shortly after his arrival in the islands, "The climate is delightful, so that strangers easily become accustomed to it, and generally enjoy better health here than in our own country" (Letter XI, 23 August 1864).

It'll be good to be back this summer for a visit. Until then, stay cool, my friends!

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