31 October 2011

A plea to Gary Larson

For whatever reason, today I find myself in the mood for several good laughs from Gary Larson's The Far Side.  That simple comic strip is, in my humble opinion, the greatest comic the world has yet seen.  Many have attempted to follow in Larson's footsteps, but none have yet matched his wit.

I don't know when I first discovered The Far Side, but in 8th grade I was named by Mrs. Gage, my teacher, as "The Far Side Friend."  Every morning she and I would turn the page of the page-a-day calendar that sat on her desk and have a good laugh before classes began.

In high school, I had a page-a-day calendar of The Far Side on my dresser that I would turn before leaving for school.  In college, I had a page-a-day calendar of The Far Side that sat atop my television next to the door that I would flip with joy each morning (and sometimes at night, too).  And then the calendars stopped being published.

I miss those calendars.

I know Larson has created any new comics of The Far Side for some years now and I don't care.

Please, Mr. Larson, give us another page-a-day calendar.  Please.

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