03 October 2011

The Administration vs. Catholicism?

Recently Ken Blackwell asked, "Will [President] Obama Destroy Franciscan University of Steubenville?"

It is an excellent and a question brefore every Catholic college, university, healthcare facility and institution.

Blackwell concludes:

The Obama administration is also the most anti-Catholic administration in American history. Never before have tens of millions of Catholic Americans been forced to subsidize the killing of unborn children with their taxes—as they are under ObamaCare. But now they are also forcing Catholic institutions to take part in the destruction of innocent human lives and the maiming of others by paying for abortifacients and sterilizations. As Americans, we must defend our religious liberties--while we still have them. Steubenville is a little college, but there are those who love it!

I can't say I disagree.  The persecution is mounting and does not appear to be losing momentum.

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