24 October 2011

On legal sense, or the lack thereof

Last week I received an e-mail from the Diocesan Office for Insurance which read:
Recently you received a letter from MedTrak outlining prescription drug coverage and Medicare. If you currently have Medicare as your primary insurance and HealthLink as secondary, please know that MedTrak offers excellent prescription drug coverage and it is not necessary for you to sign up for Medicare Part D.
If you are not Medicare eligible, this informational letter does not pertain to you.
Thinking perhaps too logically, I replied with the following question:
 If I'm not Medicare eligible, which I'm not, why I did get the letter?
The answer came back this morning:
 The law requires us to send the letter.
I'm sure that makes sense somewhere.


  1. You need to learn how to just let go of things.

  2. In this time in which we hear from all sides about cutting back on waste and being more eco-friendly, this unnecessary letter wasted resources, time and money.

    At the same time, a law that requires an insurance office to mail a letter to a person to whom the letter does not at all pertain is simply foolish and is yet another example of government ineptitude.

  3. with you on this one, Fr. Daren.

    Unfortunately, common sense departed quite a while back.

    Makes me nuts when I get multi-page letters for each of my sons from their high school for programs for which they don't qualify.