16 October 2011

"Occupy Wall Street" protesters desecrate Roman church

The "Occupy Wall Street" protests, as you know, have spread across the United States of America in the last several weeks, leading to the arrests of hundreds of the protesters.

Now the "movement" of angry men and women has spread to Europe, where in Rome yesterday the protesters forced their way into the church of Saints Marcellinus and Peter and desecrated it:
The 18th-century church of Santi Marcellino and Pietro is near St John Lateran square where much of Saturday’s violence occurred. 
“When I came down, I saw the entrance door had been smashed in,” the church’s parish priest, Father Giuseppe Ciucci, was quoted by Italian media as saying. 
“The Virgin Mary’s statue, which was at the entrance, had been taken away and I saw it had been thrown into the street and smashed,” he said. 
“I went into the sacristy and I saw the door there was also destroyed. The large crucifix at the entrance had been vandalized,” he added [more].
And this movement wants to be taken seriously and with respect?

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