04 October 2011

Happy Francis Day!

This evening I had the sincere pleasure of assisting Bishop Paprocki at the celebration of the Holy Mass offered in the Convent of St. Michael of the Sisters of St. Francis of the Martyr St. George.  Following the Mass, Bishop Paprocki and I joined the three Sisters for dinner on this their Solemnity.

To honor Holy Father Francis, to thank him for his guidance and to seek his continued intercession, I thought I might offer you the lyrics of the opening song we sang at the Mass to the tune of Ode to Joy:

Blessed Francis, holy father,
Now our hearts to you we raise,
As we gather 'round your altar,
Pouring forth our hymns of praise.
Bless your children, holy Francis,
Who your mighty help implore,
For in Heaven you remainest,
Still the father of the poor.

By your love so deep and burning,
For your Savior crucified,
By your tokens which He gave you
On your hands and feet and side.
Bless your children, holy Francis
With those wounded hands of yours,
From your glorious throne in Heaven
Where resplendently they shine

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