27 October 2011

Persecution Watch: Egypt

Following the recent brutal attacks by the Egyptian military against peaceful Copts, Pope Shenouda III met with a military leader to no avail.

The Vatican Insider reports:
Pope Shenouda III met in the Orthodox Cathedral of San Marco with a representative of the Supreme Council of the armed forces, who presented his condolences for those who died in the massacre of Maspero. During the meeting the representatives of the Church, ran a video showing how military armored vehicles ran over the demonstrators, crushing them. The documentary, according to the sources of the Church showed "all the events of that day" proving that the march "was peaceful" and "that the demonstrators were not armed."  
What is more, a Muslim-Christian committee has been working to attempt to established safe-guards for Christians and their builtings, to little success:
The committee met in the headquarters of Al-Azhar, and asked the Christian authorities in Egypt to provide recommendations and suggestions for a law that regulates the construction of churches, so as to replace the code in force, which denies Copts the right to build places of worship unless there is a decree from the head of State or his representative. But no guarantees of any kind were offered, even though the topic was discussed during the meeting that Pope Shenouda III had with the delegates of the Military Council [more].

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