01 October 2011

Sex offenders, some against children, now working in healthcare have licenses revoked

This morning the State Journal-Register carries the news from the Associated Press that the State of Illinois has revoked the licenses of thirty-five health care workers (with my emphases):

State officials say they have taken licenses away from 35 doctors, nurses and other health care workers since a new law barring sex offenders from practicing medicine took affect two months ago.The Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation reported the actions Friday.

The Pantagraph newspaper in Bloomington reports those who lost their licenses included doctors who have practiced in the past or were currently practicing in Decatur, Streator, Moline and Carmi. Most of those doctors were convicted of crimes against children.

The law allows state officials to revoke licenses without a hearing.

Some health care workers have filed lawsuits against the Department of Financial and Professional Regulation, arguing the law shouldn't apply to them.

Why is this story so brief?  Where is the outrage and the cry for justice?  How long have these people been working as doctors, nurses, etc?  Have they abused any children since they started working as doctors and nurses?  If they are convicted sexual offenders, how did they receive their liceses in the first place?  Is there a cover-up here?  Where is the call for someone's firing?

If these were thirty-five Catholic priests, imagine the very different character of the reporters words.

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