27 October 2011

Paprocki: The State has created an unnecessary crisis

His Excellency the Most Reverend Thomas John Paprocki issued a statement today following the decision by the appellate court to deny Catholic Charities a requested stay:
Today’s appellate court decision denying an emergency stay for Catholic Charities to continue to provide foster care and adoption services is regrettable. The State’s insistence on forcing Catholic Charities out of foster care and adoption services has created an unnecessary crisis. For months, children have been denied access to hundreds of experienced, licensed Catholic Charities foster homes across the State and this unethical decision by the State to prevent placements in these homes is doing irreparable harm to children. The losers in this wholly preventable situation are the children and families who have been served and who might have been served in the future by agencies that reflect their own core values.
The Bishops of Belleville, Joliet and Springfield will confer with their advisors to determine the next step, specifically, whether to appeal to the Illinois Supreme Court. We are also closely watching the progress of Senate Bill 2495, introduced in the Illinois General Assembly’s fall veto session by State senator Kyle McCarter (R-Lebanon) which, if passed, would strengthen the religious freedom guarantees of agencies such as Catholic Charities.

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