01 November 2011

The Office, Chancery Style

On this Solemnity of All Saints, Holy Mother Church wishes to remind us that each of us is called by Jesus Christ to be saints.  Some days it's easier to be saintly than others, which is he Holy Mother Church gives us tomorrow's feast of All Souls.

In the work room across the hallway from my office in the chancery is a refrigerator.  This fridge is kept generally well-stocked with sodas of various kinds, including - naturally enough - Dr Pepper, the mother of all sodas (it was the first one invented, after all).

There is a very simple system to this fridge. You pay $0.40 for a can of soda and when you take a can out you are to replace it with another can of the same kind of soda (there are boxes of various sodas next to the fridge).  It isn't a hard system and ensures cold sodas for everyone, but with as simple a system as it is there is always one or two people who don't follow it.  Why, no one seems to know.

A week or so ago I came into the office and opened the fridge to grab a Dr Pepper.  You can imagine my horror when there was not a single Dr Pepper in the fridge.  My fellow Peppers had clearly not been restocking the fridge!  I restocked the fridge and later returned for a cool Dr Pepper.

This morning when I opened the fridge there were only two Dr Peppers in the fridge.  I took out a cold one and filled the row for Dr Pepper to the customary five cans.  This afternoon when I returned to the fridge for a Dr Pepper there were four Dr Peppers in the row.  A Pepper hadn't restocked...

Now, I realize that this really isn't a big deal but it's always the little things that irritate and frustrate us the most.  It could well be argued that it is a virtuous thing to restock the fridge because it can keep others from sin (venial sin, to be sure, but sin nonetheless).

It was, then, with some hope that I posted the following sign on the fridge:

We'll see if this works.

You should have seen me holding a can of Dr Pepper to the monitor trying to match the color.

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