23 November 2011

A thanksgiving round up

As the nation's Thanksgiving holiday quickly approaches, it is good to spend a bit of time considering what is to be thankful (otherwise tomorrow's festivities are just about good food).

Writing on his blog, Shepherd of Fort Worth, His Excellency Bishop Kevin Vann - a priest of the Diocese of Springfield in Illinois - calls all Christians to, in the words of Pope St. Gregory the Great, "remember your dignity" and to act as leaven in the world because "Thanksgiving is a time for us to reflect seriously and joyfully on God's grace."

Thanksgiving, says His Excellency Archbishop Dolan, "is bittersweet—especially this year. The need for an annual distribution of meals at Thanksgiving reminds us that all is not right with our nation—and world."

And in Crisis magazine, Father Dwight Longenecker explores the theology of thanksgiving, both in the Old Testament and in the Eucharist.

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