16 November 2011

Star Trek to film in Hawaii?

I'm not one that could be called a Trekkie.  The Star Trek movies and shows all seem to me to have basically the same plot, but with slightly differently looking humanoid figures.

Be that as it may, Bishop Paprocki sent to me this afternoon a bit of information that just might make me watch the forthcoming Star Trek movie (with my emphases:
Other pieces of news run the gamut from sets (production designer Scott Chambliss is returning, construction has started for new sets, many of the old sets will be used again), effects work (ILM is on board again), locations (Abrams is reportedly scouting Hawaii to stand in for a “jungle planet” and other scenes will be filmed at a Los Angeles museum and on the Paramount lot), and casting (the main cast is all back on board and all new roles are currently being cast).
 If they film in Hawaii, it can't be all bad, right?

Incidentally, Jurassic Park was on television last night and I watched it just for the view of the island of Molokai (though I do enjoy the movie itself).


  1. I nominate you as the cast chaplain.

  2. I accept your nomination. Thanks!