02 November 2011

Persecution Watch: Egypt

17-year old Ayman Nabil Labib was murdered in a classroom in the Egyptian city of Malawi because the Coptic Christian student refused to cover the cross tattoo on his wrist and to remove a cross he wore around his neck, reports the International Assyrian News Agency:
Both parents confirmed that Ayman's classmates, who were present during the assault and whom they met at the hospital and during the funeral, said that while Ayman was in the classroom he was told to cover up his tattooed wrist cross. He refused and defiantly got out the second cross which he wore under his shirt. "The teacher nearly chocked by son and some Muslim students joined in the beating," said his mother. 
According to Ayman's father, eyewitnesses told him that his son was not beaten up in the school yard as per the official story, but in the classroom. "They beat my son so much in the classroom that he fled to the lavatory on the ground floor, but they followed him and continued their assault. When one of the supervisors took him to his room, Ayman was still breathing. The ambulance transported him from there dead, one hour later."
 After his funeral, 5,000 Christians marched through the streets of Malawi in protest of the continuing persecution of Copts in Egypt.

There is in this brutal act a glimmer of hope:
Prominent columnist Farida El-Shobashy wrote in independent newspaper Masry Youm "I was shaken to the bones when I read the news that a teacher forced a student to take off the crucifix he wore, and when the Christian student stood firm for his rights, the teacher quarreled with him, joined by some of the students; he was beastly assaulted until his last breath left him." She wondered if the situation was reversed and a Muslim was killed for not removing the Koran he wore, what would have been the reaction.

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