22 November 2011

A clever gift idea

Today has been largely a quiet and uneventful day, in no small part due to the weather; if I walk or lie on my stomach, I feel decent enough; if I simply stand or sit, it's another matter altogether.  I'll be very happy to see the rain and the fog gone.

Now this isn't to say that today has been altogether unpleasant.  A friend was kind enough to send me a link to a toy I wouldn't mind having in my arsenal (if, that is, I have to stay in a climate where snow falls): a Snowball Launching Crossbow.

I think the seminarians at Bishop Simon Bruté College Seminary could especially use a small stock of these.  They do live in a castle, after all.

But fear not, you esteemed Hawaiians!  There are snoballs you can use, too:

I hate coconut, too.

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