18 November 2011

Persecution Watch


  1. I upon occasion write some comments on your blog that almost always challenge one or more statements in your articles that I strongly (rightly or wrongly, but always genuinely) disagree with.

    And I respect the fact that, except for some of my comments that you may likely to be too embarrassed to publish that directly highlight some apparent misrepresentation made by you or some consistent bias reflected by you (hey - who isn't necessarily biased by his own campanilismo ?) that seems (to one who does not know you) to be based primarily on your mostly passionate and frequently uncritical perspective on the Church in whose mission you not only justifiably believe but have also dedicated your life to furthering.

    So I'd like to take a break from usual role as a curmudgeon (who, over many more decades of experiences with bits and pieces of the Church across the globe than you have lived so far) and, perhaps surprisingly, send a bit of an unsolicited mash note your way.

    First...I really love your blog and can't resist being a regular reader of it !

    Your commentary is, much more often than not, some delightful mix of upbeat, constructive, instructive, affirming of what is good, challenging, sophisticated, and/or highlighting 3rd-party articles that I would otherwise not be exposed to and that broaden my understanding of what I should know about.

    Second...I must confess (bless me Father) that I am more than just a bit jealous that you have been blessed to have Bishop Paprocki in your diocese (at least until some alert hierarch in the Church calls him to serve in successively higher ranks in it).

    Through your blog, I have learned of his scholarship, his intelligence, and courage.

    And now, through this article, I have learned of his call to personal and institutional compassion for the young people that have been victims of front-line predators among the clergy and misguided (and, as we all know, occasionally vain and corrupt) Church leaders.

    How unfortunately rare it seems that form of expression by him has been echoed by, not only clergy of almost every denomination, but also leaders of across the range of organizations that guide the development of children.

    I sure hope that those of us in other parts of the country are lucky enough to get more exposure to this wonderful man (and, heck, I suppose we'd even wouldn't mind seeing you in these parts from time to time).

    And thank you for letting us learn more about him.

    P.S.Okay, that's enough praising the padre for now...I'm getting back to being a curmudgeon...

  2. Thanks, Ed, for your kind words about my blog and about my Bishop! But please be more quiet about him; I'd like to keep him for a good long while.

    I'm sorry some of your comments haven't been posted; I'll have to keep a closer eye on the spam filter.

    Most of the comments I received are spam and so from time to time I accidentally push the spam button intead of the publish button. I wonder if I did that a time or two with one of your comments and that is what is keeping some from publication.