27 December 2010

Why I write my homilies (typically)

With the chaos of Christmas preparations and the celebration of five Christmas Masses in nineteen hours - with only a three hour nap - it occurred to me late Christmas evening that I had not yet prepared a homily for the Mass for the Feast of the Holy Family.

I was not in the proper mental state then to really work on a homily and so went to bed early to rise early and put some thoughts together.

Sunday I was not in much of a better mental state, but managed to say something about families and ego and self-centeredness and drama and the role of Joseph and authentic masculinity and Thomas More and prayer and families and peace and unity. I'm not really sure what I said; I didn't write it down. But it must have been a good one.

One of my parishioners emailed me this morning to ask for a copy of the homily. Sadly, I cannot help her. Did anyone happen to sneak a recording?

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