15 December 2010

Just like the kids

Two of my parishioners are natives of Sicily - who happen to also be two of the sweetest people I know -and own an excellent little restaurant in Virden: Di Carlo's. It's a gem of a place.

It is a pizzeria that also serves delicious pastas and other foods (the cannelloni is amazing!). Finding credit and debit cards a hassle and not worth the effort and extra cost, they take cash (and maybe checks; I can't remember). And they're closed on Monday's. If you're ever in the area you really have to eat there; it's on the main street in town: Highway 4.

As a freezing mist settles over my parishes this evening I thought it a good idea to spend the evening on paper work, which is best done while enjoying a pizza. After finishing some business in Girard I placed my order and picked it up on the way back to Auburn.

When I walked in the owners greeted and we chatted for a bit. As the lady of the restaurant brought my pizza to the counter she peeked inside and - seeing a thin crust pepperoni - said with a motherly smile, "Just like the kids."

If you're curious, the pizza's delicious.

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