13 December 2010

One more reason to despise winter

From the State Journal-Register (with my emphases):

Interstate 55 north of Springfield was shut down for most of the afternoon Sunday after blowing snow and icy pavement caused a 20-vehicle pileup near Williamsville in which four vehicles burned and an ambulance exploded [more].
Why did people settle here two hundred years ago?


  1. Why did people settle here two hundred years ago?

    Maybe they could go no further because of the snow.

    Father, you have almost no comments. One reason could be the hoops which have to be jumped to register to post a comment. Could you not allow people to post under a name and if your blog becomes overloaded with objectionable posts then maybe a stricter sign in will be needed.

  2. I'll look into it, Victoria.

    At one point, I allowed anonymous comments and that turned out ugly.

    I didn't realize the current commenting was tedious.