31 December 2010

Curious...and irritating

I sat down this morning to look through Pope Benedict's recent Post-Synodal Apostolic Exhortation Verbum Domini to see what gems I might mine for my homily for tomorrow's Solemnity.

As I expected, I easily found a gem upon which to build my thoughts.

However, I was quite stunned to see that although the paragraph numbers are referenced in the table of contents of the exhortation, they are completely lacking in body of the text, at least in the English text (they are present in the other languages).

How am I to accurately cite my sources without the proper numberings?

It's time for the Holy See web guru's to step things up rather significantly.


  1. Willie1:37 PM

    Ah, yeah...about that -- do you imagine them being published at some point?

    Talk about delusions of grandeur! LOL

  2. The paragraph numbers are present in the original document and in the various other languages; they have simply not been included in the English translation.

    They are necessary and should be included in the English translation. The Church does not cite her documents by page number because not every publisher uses the same margins, page size, font size, etc. Instead, she cites her documents by parapgraph number, which remain the same in every publication.