07 December 2010

Let me get this straight

...a "Muslim Cultural Center" (or whatever it's being called now) can be built near Ground Zero in New York, but a Greek Orthodox church cannot be rebuilt - it was destroyed in the attack - near it's original location eventhough the Port Authority gave permission for it back in 2008?

The Boston Herald has the following short article, with my emphases and comments:
NEW YORK — A Greek Orthodox church in New York City that was destroyed [Note well: It was there before] on Sept. 11 is taking legal action [good for them!] against the agency that owns ground zero, saying it has reneged on a promise to rebuild the church.

The Wall Street Journal reports that St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church filed a notice of claim against the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey on Monday. The papers seeks to compel the agency to live up to what it says is a "binding preliminary agreement" from 2008.

The two sides spent years negotiating a deal that would let the church rebuild on land south of its original site in exchange for financial help. Negotiations broke down in March.

The agency says it hasn’t seen the papers and declined to comment [It's possible, I suppose].
And we're supposed to believe that all religions are treated equally in this nation.

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