07 December 2010

How could I have forgotten?

...this is what love is all about:

The logic of these two men is drastically failed, particularly when one considers their desire to look "like a proper family."

Capello tip to Father Ray Blake.


  1. Totally agree. Their logic is warped; their thinking about parenthood is incredibly superficial. Some folks, I'm sure, would attribute their "get what we want to get" attitude to the fact that they're gay. I think it's much more likely a symptom of our consumer culture, which affects gays and straights, whites and blacks, rich and poor and middle class. It's hard for the unconditional love that must be a part of parenting to develop when people are all about what I want, what I need, how I will look. Very sad.

    Thank God that our Creator loved each of us so unconditionally that He came down to earth to save us, despite how messy each of us is on the inside, if not the outside--the ultimate example of responsible, loving parenthood!

  2. Oh, my, just like they're ordering a cake. "We're going to have a baby made..."

    Oh, honey, you're not a father, and that baby's mother is going to be a dish named "Petrie". *sigh*