16 December 2010


One of my former students and soccer players has launched a new web site: www.ituneout.com. He describes the site in these words:

ituneout.com was founded by Neal Deters in late 2010. It provides users with the ability to listen to today's most popular music genres. Unlike many of today's traditional websites, ituneout.com does not give users the ability to download songs illegally. ituneout.com rather promotes the idea of users purchasing the songs through online music vendors such as Amazon.com. Users have the ability to purchase today's newest music through Amazon on the Buy New Song Releases and Buy New Album Releases pages, so go out and support your favorite artists!
It's a clever idea and, for the lazy among us, offers an easy way to listen to music you like.

Go spike his stat counts for me. Thanks!

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  1. Anonymous8:29 AM

    He's going to get a cease and desist order because of that web address.

    Sharon L