15 December 2010

Just put the cart back

There is a simple letter in the State Journal Register about shopping carts, and where people leave them:

While most individuals without disabilities will correctly not park in handicapped parking areas, many will leave their grocery carts in the crossed-off areas next to these spots.

These carts then block the wheel chair lifts that need to be extended out from the cars. Since this has the same effect as using a handicapped parking space illegally, we urge individuals not to leave their shopping carts in those areas.
Honestly, folks, is it really so hard to leave your shopping cart in the corrals conveniently scattered throughout the parking lot? (This is one of my many pet peeves.)

We must remember that our love is shown in the little things we do, a.k.a., the Little Way. Just put your cart in the corral and - while you're there anyway - put the carts together so someone else doesn't have to spend more time than necessary returning the carts inside the store (which most of us are simply too lazy to do ourselves).

If nothing else, offer it up for the good of a family member, a friend, a stranger or - better yet - an enemy.

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