22 September 2008

A little Monday fun

We all receive them from time to time, those catalogues that we do not request but quietly look forward to finding in our mailbox. Today I found one such cataglogue from Acorn.

Flipping through the pages one item especially caught my eye: Remote Control Jousting Knights. How wouldn't have fun with these!

The product description reads thus:

The crowd grows silent. Hooves thunder. And you, brave knight that you are, knock your opponent to the ground. Huzzah! Revisit the days of yore and get all medieval with this fun action toy. Each knight-on-horse is 7" long, 6" high. Comes with two jousting staves and two remote controls. Set requires 8 AA batteries (not included). Ages 8 and up.

I'm certainly old enough.

The remote control jousting knights would certainly be magnificant entertainment on those days when I'm feeling particularly goofy - which might increase if I had a pair - but what of those days I'm in the mood for something a bit more...intellectual?For these days, this looks appealing: Solitaire with Semiprecious Marbles.

It's description reads:

Legend says that th game of solitaire was created by a nobleman confined to the Bastille prison during the French Revolution. The goal is to eliminate all but one marble. This beautifully crafted game features a hardwood gameboard and hand-cut, hand-polished semiprecious stone marbles - agate, columbite, green jasper, rhodonite, and a variety of other stones. Set of 38 includes two spares. Marbles will vary from set to set; board is 9 1/2" diameter.

I've stayed at a friary in a northern state a few times that has this very game. I've been known to sit there for more than an hour at a time playing the game. I love it!

Do you have a favorite catalogue like this one?

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