18 September 2008

I'm back

...kind of. You might have noticed I've been away the past few days. If so, you noticed rightly.

Tuesday afternoon the priests of the Diocese gathered with Bishop Lucas for the annual Clergy Convocation. I had hoped to post from the Convocation but Internet access was very limited. It was the first convocation of my priesthood that I have enjoyed fully.

The only enjoyable part of the past three convocations was being with my brother priests; this year I had that joy and the joy of being spiritually and intellectually stimulated. It was so nice to hear, "Do you know this book? You should read..." I love academia.

Fr. Robert Barron, a priest of the Archdiocese of Chicago and of Word on Fire fame (and a professor of mine in the seminary) spoke to us of the three-fold ministry of the priest as one who sanctifies, teachers and governs. To do so he focused on the images of Christ as priest, prophet and king.

As Fr. Barron always does, he combined his vast learning and his easy humor to teach us and inspire us; I am very glad he came.

I was only able to be present for his reflections on the images of prophet and priest because I had to return to the parish a day early for a funeral celebrated this morning.

Until I'm able to resume regular blogging, you might be interested in a new project, "The Catholicism Project," Fr. Barron is working on; I'm rather excited to see the finished results. Here's the video:

I'll post more once I've caught up on a few things.

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