30 September 2008

Why I like my patron

Walking through the breeze way that connects the rectory and the church this morning after setting up for the Mass, I realized my key ring had fewer keys on it than it normally does and should. Examining the keys remaining I found I was missing the master key to the high school and the key to the shed by the high school track.
Naturally, I went into a panic wondering my keys could possibly be. After rummaging through my coat pockets and checking thoroughly throughout my suite I remembered that I was in the high school last night letting one of the soccer players retrieve a book. Then I panicked even more; I lost the high school master at the high school!
After Mass I was to teach an early bird class for the Pastor who couldn't be there this morning. I searched the parking lot, looked in the doors I opened last night, and walked the same paths, all without finding anything. No keys were turned in to the secretary and the janitor found no keys either. And students were already in the building. This was not a good way to start the day.
After class I walked back to the parish center and as I walking down the drive to enter it I realized I hadn't yet spoken with Saint Anthony about this situation (I know; I should have thought of that first, but didn't).
Walking toward the building I prayed: "Tony, Tony, look around. Something's lost and must be found." I then added, "Blessed Anthony, please find my keys for me before they fall into bad hands."
I approached the door leading into the parish center, checking the cracks in the pavement as I did so; I'd already checked this area no fewer than three separate times.
As I turned ever so gently to my left something shiny very near my left foot caught my eye: my keys! And I assure you they were not there a moment before.
Thank you, Blessed Anthony!

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