22 September 2008

A Monday morning treat

Last Friday morning one of the ladies who works here in the office was eating a chocolate chip cookie bar that she brought from home. I said to her, quite truthfully, "I haven't had one of those in years!"

She told me I could go over to the grade school and ask her two boys to give me own of theirs that she sent with their lunches. One of the boys, she said, would reluctantly give it to me; the other, she said, who simply refuse to hand it over. Smart boy, that one. (I didn't, by the way, go the grade school.)

Saturday evening this same family brought the gifts forward at Mass. As I received the gifts from the two boys, I asked them if the cookies were good. Oops. Apparently I made one of them a bit nervous that they hadn't given me any of the bars.

On their way back to their pew, he told Mom they had to make a batch for me Sunday night to give to me Monday morning. I'm happy to say they did just that.

When I walked into my office this morning I found a big zip lock bag of chocolate chip cookie bars, a whole pan's worth of them! There was a note, too, that said one of the boys said I have to share them with the Pastor and with his dog. I'm not so sure about sharing them with Molly, though.

The other boy apparently asked Mom if she thought I knew how to dip the cookies in milk, because they are really good that way. She told him that I was a boy once, too, and she was sure I knew about dipping cookies in milk. She's right, of course.

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