03 September 2008

As I celebrated Mass this morning on the Memorial of Pope Saint Gregory the Great I was continually distracted throughout the Eucharistic Prayer by a pesky fly.

So much of an irritation was he that he made me lose my place at the embolism after the Lord's Prayer. Oops.

Tomorrow morning I thoroughly intend to remedy the situation.

I won't be around much today. This morning I am on my way to Collinsville to attend a funeral. Afterwards, being so close to St. Louis, I intend to pick up a few things I can't find in Effingham. I hope to return in time for soccer practice, but we'll see how that goes. In the evening the Pastoral Council convenes for their end of summer party. I'll be bringing the rotini with salsa di limone (which I still have to make today) I mentioned last week. And it seems to me that there is something else I'm forgetting...

Sometime before tomorrow afternoon I need to put together a series of homilies: one for a wedding, one for a funeral, and one for Sunday. I'm getting there. This is turning out to be quite a week.

Before I go I'll give you a little something to ponder: even Saint Francis of Assisi didn't like flies.

To one of his friars who didn't want to beg even for himself, he said:

Go own your way, brother fly, since you want to eat of the sweat of your brothers and lie lazily in God's field. You are like the drone who, shirking the bees' efforts, wants to be the first one to eat the honey.

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