13 September 2008

A new temptation

Yesterday evening the soccer team gathered for another "pasta night." At these evenings, some of the boys' parents team up and provide pasta, salad and drinks for the boys. The pasta nights are great fun and I think everyone looks forward to them; we try to have one each week during the season.

Last night most of the boys gathered in the basement of the house where there was a Play Station 3. Hearing the noise from the game and having played video games for most of my life (I got my first job because I played video games) I went downstairs to see what they were playing.

As I rounded a corner I thought I heard the whurr (sp?) of a lightsaber, and I did.

The controller was soon passed to me and I did decently well, considering it was my first time at this game, whose title I don't recall, and that I hadn't played a video game with a controller in quite a long time.

In this game you can use the force to knock enemies away from you, which was most popular with the boys. They kept yelling, "Use the force!" But I preferred to use my lightsaber, which caused more damage and killed the enemies faster; it seemed logical enough to me. But there is a trick, apparently, to using the weapon of the Jedi.

I chased a trooper to the edge of a platform that had no railing and, as I swung my lightsaber to deliver the final blow, both he and I fell to our doom. I guess I forgot to back up a step before making that last stroke.

Back in college, my roommate and good friend - the one who unexpectedly popped in for a visit some time ago - and I played video games together and one of our favorites was a Star Wars game. Playing the game last night brought back many enjoyable and happy memories.

In any event, my demise was of great amusement to the boys and I suspect I'll hear about it again at some point.

I had a blast down there and I stayed for a bit before returning to the parish for a meeting.

At one point some of the boys asked if I played video games and were surprised to learn that I still have a Play Station (the original) and enjoy games a lot. I don't, however, have it hooked up because video games can be rather addicting.

But after playing yesterday I'm very tempted to hook the old system up again.

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