11 September 2008

Soccer lessons from Moses

When the Bulldogs played the Indians the other day they should have one the game, but they tied. Part of the reason was because after they scored their goal, the Bulldogs let up the pressure and didn't play with the same intensity. The Indians, seeing this, then managed to score three goals rather quickly, thus tieing up the game.

At the beginning of practice yesterday the coach mentioned this and told the boys to keep up their intensity. At the end of practice it was my turn.

I asked the boys, "Do you remember the battle between Moses and King Amalek?" It was answered with quite a few blank stares and no small amount of grumbling.

It was, of course, the battle that "whenever Moses held up his hand, Israel prevailed; and whenever he lowered his hand, Amalek prevailed" (Exodus 17:11). I connected it to Moses keeping up his intensity and letting up. I think the message went through.

Now they might hear me yell from the bench, "Keep your arms up!" Given that arms aren't used in soccer this might confuse the other team, but hopefully our boys will remember what it means.

Within the hour we play the Effingham High School Hearts. If we keep the intensity, we should win, given that the game isn't on account of the weather.

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