26 October 2015

What's the worst that could happen?

The present slogan of Dr Pepper in the United Kingdom is a clever and humorous question: "What's the worst that could happen?" They've even created a hashtag to go along with the slogan, #WTWTCH. 

A tweet sent out by Dr Pepper in the United Kingdom (@drpepper_uk) caught my attention this morning:
Admittedly, it was the combination of Dr Pepper and an ukulele that stopped my eyes and led to click through to a humorous video and a somewhat catchy song called played not an ukulele, but on Dr Pepper bottles and cans:

While I lack the musical talents to write a song answering the question of what's the worst that can happen, I can answer it with a simple picture:

My current stash of Dr Pepper (minus what's in my mini fridge)
In these days as the squirrels back home in Illinois are stocking up on acorns before the winter snows, here in Rome I find myself stocking up on Dr Pepper before the winter rains. Only a couple of stores in the Eternal City sell Liquid Sunshine, and only by the can, and they do not always have it in stock.

The worst that could happen is this: I might run out of Dr Pepper.

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