25 October 2015

The face that radiates light

In his homily today marking the conclusion of the 14th Ordinary General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops, His Holiness Pope Francis suggested an petition we should place before the Lord:
Let us ask him to turn to us with his healing and saving gaze, which knows how to radiate light, as it recalls the splendour which illuminates it [more].
When I head the Holy Father voice this petition, I could not help but think of the image of the face of Christ Jesus displayed on a photoactive piece of silk, on a cloth called byssus that responds to light and illumines that face it bears: the Veil of Manoppello, the Holy Face, the true Veronica.

Here is a short video I took at the Shrine of the Holy Face as the light that shines upon the Volto Santo was changed to show something of how the veil responds to light:

Regrettably, this video only shows a fraction of how differences in light and angles change the appearance of the veil, hiding certain aspects of the Holy Face and making other aspects more visible.

Yes, indeed, may the Lord turn his face toward us and be gracious to us (see Numbers 6:25)!

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