28 October 2015

Pope Francis orders regulations of the Roman Curia "be scrupulously followed"

Just a few days after the Holy Father Pope Francis railed against the doctors of the law, the same Roman Pontiff has ordered the ecclesial policies found in Pastor Bonus and in the General Regulations of the Roman Curia to "be scrupulously observed."

The directive is given in a letter he sent yesterday to his Secretary of State, Pietro Cardinal Parolin, "both to guarantee the orderly conduct of work in the Roman Curia and in the institutions connected to the Holy See, and to ensure equitable treatment of employees and collaborators, also in economic terms."

The Holy Father has directed Cardinal Parolin to bring "the provisions I have mentioned ... to the attention of all the Superiors of the Dicasteries, the Offices and Bodies of the Roman Curia, as well as the Commissions, Committees and connected Institutions, as well as the Governorate, highlighting in particular the aspects requiring special attention, and that supervision of compliance be exercised."

Does this sound like the Pope Francis you read about in the newspapers and hear about on the morning and evening news shows? 

This is yet another example of why you cannot trust the media - whether secular or Catholic - to give a consistently authentic presentation of the words and deeds of Pope Francis. The above mentioned letter does not fit the narrative - whether "progressive" or "conservative" into which Pope Francis has been inserted since the first day of his pontificate.

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