19 October 2015

A new initiative toward a #CatholicFamilyCulture

As the Synodal Fathers continue their discussion exploring how the Church can help to strengthen and encourage families to live out the vocation and mission of the family in the Church and the contemporary world, a priest of the Diocese of Lincoln has decided to establish a new initiative utilizing social media: #CatholicFamilyCulture

Father Matthew Rolling (one of the priests resident here in Rome at the Casa Santa Maria) explained the purpose of his initiative on his blog yesterday:
In recent weeks, I have come to reflect much upon this reality of the handing on of the Faith and the practical ways in which that is done in countless families. Perhaps I am not in the right circles or reading the right books and blogs, but I haven’t really seen any single location that provides concrete ways to live out the Catholic faith in the home. That being said, I thought of sharing some of the beautiful practices I’ve seen in Catholic homes as a way of spreading the goodness around and helping our families to more perfectly live out their vocation to holiness.

To that end, I want to start a little initiative that I’m calling #CatholicFamilyCulture. The idea is to post specific concrete ways that families can put their faith into practice in the home and in the world. If you’ve got ideas, send them my way via email, FaceBook Messenger, or Twitter Message. I hope to post 1 per day; then feel free to share them with others! Here’s to building Catholic culture and helping families become holy!
As I understand his hopes, this new initiative will be something of a "best practices" for families who want to instill and enliven the Catholic faith within their domestic churches.

Spread the word, offer a few suggestions, and let's see where this goes. Together we can change the culture.

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