13 November 2014

Roman weather is weird

As I lie on my couch to read a book or watch a movie, I can look out my window to see what weather is on the way. But, like many things in Rome, there is a trick to the weather: it isn't consistent.

From my window, I can only see a part of the Roman sky, which tends to look gloomy and dismal. But if I look out my window in the opposite direction, the sky often is blue and bright.

To illustrate this effect, I decided to climb to the fifth floor of the Casa Santa Maria to take a panoramic shoot of the sky just a few minutes ago:

You can click on the photo for a larger look
I've been watching the sky all afternoon in the hopes of it clearing up because I really want to go for a long walk. The forecast, however, has called for rain nearly all day long, but we haven't actually had any rain since the early morning.

If I decide to go out for a walk in the direction of the blue skies, it is likely that the storm clouds will move my way. But if I go in the direction of the storm clouds, it is unlikely that the blue skies will move my way.

So, here I sit, feeling somewhat trapped inside, waiting for spring when the winter rains will end.

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