26 November 2014

Praying for Ferguson in the church of Saint Louis in Rome

Yesterday afternoon, after spending some time keeping up with the unfolding riots in Ferguson and across the United States of America, I visited the church of Saint Louis (in Italian, San Luigi) here in Rome to ask the saintly king to intercede for the people of his city and Archdiocese, that peace and reason will prevail and the senseless and barbaric destruction will end.

I brought with me a simple Prayer Service in Devotion to Saint Louis provided by the Archdiocese of St. Louis which is perfectly suitable for private use and for use in small groups, classes, and families.

One of the chapels in La Chiesa di San Luigi dei Francesi is home to a few beautiful paintings of the French king, who was deeply devoted tp the Passion of Our Lord and a secular Franciscan:

It was in this chapel (or just outside it, really) that I prayed for the intercession of his holy king.

This church is also home to three remarkable paintings by the great Caravaggio:

I will continue to pray for the intercession of King Saint Louis and I ask you to do the same, wherever you are:
Saint Louis, patron of our city and of our Archdiocese,
please bless us who look to you for guidance.
Help us to be kind to each other and to the poor as you were.
Give us courage to choose well, and strength to do great things as you did -
a young boy who became a great king.
Help us to become saints like you,
so that we can be with you and Jesus in heaven someday.

Saint Louis, pray for us!

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